Sunday, December 20, 2009


2010 is approaching and all the streets are being decorated with snowflake-like neon lights, brunches of green furs and Christmas trees. The New Year craze is awaited in a couple of days, when everybody will rush to the supermarkets to buy the biggest swine leg, nuts and raisins, chocolates and everything else at double or triple prices of those on regular times. It's the same story every year: the celebration of the biggest holiday of the year is taking a big chunk out of the total savings of an ordinary Armenian family.

Resort areas of Armenia like Tsaghkadzor and Jermuk are sold out since September! The rates in hotels in those regions are sky-rocketing on New Year holidays. Sometimes you can't believe that the global crisis is plaguing the Earth. Those, that didn't guess to book a super-expensive holiday in Tsaghkadzor, have the option to stay in Yerevan and enjoy a one-night party in a fashionable hotel or restaurant. If you have a full pocket, you can enjoy your New Year Eve party in the company of big starlets of Armenia by paying roughly around 300 USD per person. Of course you wouldn't go to the party alone unless you are a sworn lonely wolf and enjoy yourself alone. Otherwise at least 600 USD will be thrown to the wind. Let's hope that at least vodka is going to flow for free on the tables. Don't think it is possible for a normal man to rejoice after losing that many greenbacks in a second and staying sober.

Usually hotels in Yerevan are empty on those days and offering big discounts on rooms to allure those, who may feel it is a good idea to open eyes in a splendid bed in a nice hotel in the first morning of the year after a crazy party. The foreigners are leaving for their homes, while many Yerevanians prefer to stay away of Yerevan or just party somewhere.

With regards to hotels in Yerevan,, Visitarm Armenian Hotel Reservation Center will provide with info about the special promos available at Yerevan hotels. Golden Tulip Hotel Yerevan has a special Christmas menu available in its splendid Rossini Restaurant, which you can check at . As for other hotels, please check for more info.

Congress hotel in Yerevan is also offering great special rates for New Year period. Please check the link should you be thinking of spending your holidays there.

Just after the 31st of December, all the entertainment establishments are closed for a couple of days - no shops, no restaurants are open. Just everybody is drunk and visiting friends and relatives to wish them a Happy New Year and Merry upcoming Christmas. Christmas will be on the 6th of January, unlike the Catholic calendar.

It is a great time in Yerevan these days! The Christmas tree is already erected in Republic Square, the decoration works are about to finish, the streets are becoming lighter and lighter in the evenings. The usual winter fog is still delaying its attack on Yerevan, so warmer and clear weather unusual for these days guarantee an enjoyable holiday celebration in Yerevan.

Come and enjoy a memorable Christmas in Yerevan this year!