Sunday, May 17, 2015

What to do in Yerevan if you are on tight budget

A couple of days ago I came up with an article that listed the places where it is possible to dine and stay when you are on a tight budget, like #backpackers from the USA or Europe. Yerevan, Armenia, was on that list. The author of the article is right: in Yerevan you can stay in a decent hostel and dine or have breakfast at very affordable prices. As per rough calculations it is possible to live in Yerevan with around 30 USD per day inclusive of all the meals and the accommodations.

In Yerevan, Armenia, there is a great choice for affordable accommodations, like some listed on Recently more and more furnished apartments in downtown Yerevan are becoming available to host short and long term visitors from abroad. Smaller Yerevan apartments start from 20 USD daily, while bigger apartments cost significantly more. Even if they cost more, for the same space and conveniences they are much more cheaper than their equivalents in Yerevan hotels. Presently there are many newly built apartment blocks in Yerevan city-center. These building have modern fire security systems installed from the beginning, the entrances, elevators are clean and safe. Some of the buildings have security guards sitting next to the entrance and controlling the flow of people in and out of the building. Video surveillance systems add up to the overall increased security of the buildings. Considering all these new trends, these Yerevan apartments in these buildings become direct competitors to modern hotels in Yerevan. The owners of these apartments in Yerevan become more savvy in providing hotel like services, keeping hotel-like cleanliness in their apartments, start to respect business ethics and accept and honor reservations done beforehand by visitors to Armenia. So if you care for decent accommodations only, surely book an apartment in Yerevan and enjoy more space and conveniences. Check these affordable studio apartments in Yerevan listed in If you care for more space, these 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Yerevan will also be OK just for a little bit more money.

Beside affordable apartments for rent in Yerevan, there are a number of good quality hostels available in downtown Yerevan, where you can comfortably spend your days together with a company of other guests, likely other backpackers exploring Yerevan and Armenia.

to be continued...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Painter's Home VisitArm Apartment

Yes, we finally made our mind and took our first apartment in Yerevan for management. Although our website is not anymore that strong in google searches with keywords of "yerevan apartments" or "apartments for rent in Yerevan", we decided to use global websites like, and to promote our apartment.

We are very excited to manage an apartment all by ourselves. So far we used to work with apartment owners in Yerevan and they were responsible for the services and the quality of the apartments. It was not always as smooth as we would like, and sometimes they changed their minds or didn't provide the promised service. Now we are responsible for everything and counting on our experience in hotel management, we hope to provide excellent service to travelers that visit Armenia and look for better alternatives to Yerevan hotels.

Here is our first apartment in Yerevan that we manage: .

In our list of 1-bedroom Yerevan apartments we mark this 1-bedroom apartment for rent as special due to following features:

  • The location: Aznavour square in downtown Yerevan is one of the most frequented places for locals and foreigners as there is a beautiful fountain with the signs of zodiac, many restaurants and cafes, and also the splendid Moscow cinema. The apartment is located in the building of Union of Painters, and it frequently houses exhibitions of local and foreign artists. From the apartment you can easily reach Republic Square, Opera house, the Cascade. This is probably the best location in Yerevan. 
  • The apartment itself: very cozy, bright, in classic style, nothing in excess or not missing. Just like a suite in a high-class hotel. The features that make this Yerevan apartment a good option are: 
    • free hi-speed Wi-Fi Internet
    • 2 TV sets both in the living room and the bedroom
    • a big king-size bed
    • a kitchenette with all the necessary utensils
    • all the bedding, linens, a hairdryer, iron and iron-board
  • The guarded entrance to the main building
  • the corridors are like a gallery
We are excited and happy that this cozy 1-bedroom apartment in Yerevan will the the one that will add-up to the overall positive feelings and memories one finds in Yerevan, Armenia.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Serviced apartments as affordable alternatives to hotels in Yerevan

Every year many hotels are added to the Yerevan accommodations market. The hotels cater to different segments of the travel market of Yerevan, providing accommodations from 3-star to 5 star and above. This is great to have such a continuous development of the hospitality industry of Armenia. Nevertheless, there are many and many travelers that do not care about having a great variety of morning breakfast or other services that a hotel may offer, like a swimming pool, gym, conference facilities, etc. This is especially true for families traveling to Yerevan for relatively longer period of time. These travelers are looking for serviced apartments in Yerevan, mainly located in Yerevan city-center. Apartments in Yerevan are more affordable to live in compared to hotels. Apartments generally offer much more space that a hotel's standard room may offer. Generally a serviced apartment equals to a nice suite in a good hotel. The suite room in a hotel is quite expensive, practically comparable to an apartment in Yerevan of the similar size. Having breakfast is not a problem, as all the apartments provide all the utensils and conveniences to prepare home-made breakfasts. Even some landlords can come and serve breakfast as per renter's wish, for a small additional per person cost, of course. Free Wi-Fi, which is one of the recent most sought features guests are looking for, are also becoming available in most of the apartments for rent in Yerevan. Serviced apartments range from studio and 1-bedroom apartments to entire private houses in Yerevan, Armenia. The demand for services apartments in Yerevan is also growing thanks to many apartment booking websites that currently are available, both local and international (like, that offer quality accommodations in every part of Yerevan and fitting any budget. Through these websites it is very easy to book Yerevan apartments, like you would usually do with hotel rooms.

This developing trend is affecting Yerevan's apartment market. People that own an apartment in the city center tend to rent an apartment in the suburbs of Yerevan for significantly lower rate and rent out their centrally located apartments to tourists arriving in Yerevan. Currently more and more newly built apartments in Yerevan city center, that are expensive and hard to sell, are furnished to give them for rent. They are fashionable, modern, well equipped and furnished, as well as provide sometimes hotel services like laundry, free Wi-Fi, even airport transfers.

If you are interested in booking a nice and affordable apartment in Yerevan, check and enjoy your stay in Yerevan. Here you can also rent a car in Yerevan or book a private sightseeing tour in Armenia.