Sunday, May 17, 2015

What to do in Yerevan if you are on tight budget

A couple of days ago I came up with an article that listed the places where it is possible to dine and stay when you are on a tight budget, like #backpackers from the USA or Europe. Yerevan, Armenia, was on that list. The author of the article is right: in Yerevan you can stay in a decent hostel and dine or have breakfast at very affordable prices. As per rough calculations it is possible to live in Yerevan with around 30 USD per day inclusive of all the meals and the accommodations.

In Yerevan, Armenia, there is a great choice for affordable accommodations, like some listed on Recently more and more furnished apartments in downtown Yerevan are becoming available to host short and long term visitors from abroad. Smaller Yerevan apartments start from 20 USD daily, while bigger apartments cost significantly more. Even if they cost more, for the same space and conveniences they are much more cheaper than their equivalents in Yerevan hotels. Presently there are many newly built apartment blocks in Yerevan city-center. These building have modern fire security systems installed from the beginning, the entrances, elevators are clean and safe. Some of the buildings have security guards sitting next to the entrance and controlling the flow of people in and out of the building. Video surveillance systems add up to the overall increased security of the buildings. Considering all these new trends, these Yerevan apartments in these buildings become direct competitors to modern hotels in Yerevan. The owners of these apartments in Yerevan become more savvy in providing hotel like services, keeping hotel-like cleanliness in their apartments, start to respect business ethics and accept and honor reservations done beforehand by visitors to Armenia. So if you care for decent accommodations only, surely book an apartment in Yerevan and enjoy more space and conveniences. Check these affordable studio apartments in Yerevan listed in If you care for more space, these 1-bedroom apartments for rent in Yerevan will also be OK just for a little bit more money.

Beside affordable apartments for rent in Yerevan, there are a number of good quality hostels available in downtown Yerevan, where you can comfortably spend your days together with a company of other guests, likely other backpackers exploring Yerevan and Armenia.

to be continued...