Saturday, March 28, 2009

Travel to Armenia - Episode 169

The Amateur Traveler talks to David Dougherty about his recent trip to the small country of Armenia. David speaks about the sight of the Ararat frame (just above the border in Turkey), of the monasteries and the churches, mounting the packed buses of monospace (marshrutkas), meeting people of the country with a shared interest, food, the legends and part of the history (the Armenian genocide).
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NewsNews of voyage - sick boat, 2008 surer for air transports, new rules of visa of the USA
At least 340 made sick on the boat of cruising to Brazil2008 were one of the surest years on the disc for air transports
To show the notesMoney:$1.00=about 300 AMD (Armenian drachmas). Money is easily converted in some supermarkets and travel agencies (in either direction). Most of the time a saving in money comptant-seulement unless to and dear department stores and restauraunts with Yerevan. David says “I had no trouble carrying cash around. I hid it and there is no crime of street to speak about.”Health:The medicine of malaria (chloroquine) sometimes recommended late arise-fall while visiting the sector from valley from Ararat (Khor including Virap). From what David heard locally, it’s probably only necessary if visiting the Armash fish ponds, or if staying overnight in the summer. The occasional visitors really do not need him.To be careful drinkable local tap water, otherwise aucuns special concern.Emboutage:Usually 10%. Some restaurants add the service to the bill, although they won’t always tell you. If you see % in bottom of the first page of the menu, it is what means usually that.Tax and of service:The starting tax of 10.000 AMD to the airport which you do not know until you held with control and the customs raye (and you must pay this front, naturally! The wages at the office of exchange of money and they will give you a receipt. E-visas available if you fly into Zvartnots airport only.You can apply for an Electronic visa at the Armenia foreign ministry and follow link for E-visa.Accomodation:“In Yerevan I stayed at the Envoy Hostel, which was great, in the center and reasonable. A lunch of bread and orange marmelade included. Guests may use communal kitchen. They can arrange a van of the airport (I recommend this).The large hotels are available to Yerevan and perhaps some more big cities (but to be very expensive). Homestays are available, and can be requested with dinner (highly recommended to do). Cooking at the house in Arm�nie tends to being well better than a restaurant. Pay as you get off. Wages as you go down. You can join tours on the spot if you wish. You can join excursions on the spot if you wish. They do Armenian, Russian, and English language by default without any further notice. They make Armenian English, Russian, and by defect without any other preliminary communication. The exhibits are rather bizarre, but interestingState Museum of Armenian History (on Republic Square)National Art Gallery (on Republic Square).Cascade - outdoor sculptures on a hill with a view of Mt. The exposed objects are rather odd, but interestingMuseum of state of the Armenian history (on the place of Republic)National art gallery (on the place of Republic).Cascade - external sculptures on a hill with a sight of MT. They are not used to tourists, but they certainly deserve more. They are not employed with the tourists, but they deserve certainly more. This happened to David at the Genocide Memorial. This arrived at David at the memorial of genocide. I found a 10-lesson cd course by Pimsleur for Armenian, which is good for the basics. I found run Cd of 10 lessons by Pimsleur for the Armenian, which is good for the foundations. West Armenian is spoken by diaspora Armenians who lived in Lebanon, Turkey, etc. In the west the Armenian is spoken by the Armenians about Diaspora are which lived in Lebanon, in Turkey, Armenian etc in the east what they now speak in Republic Of Armenia.”For current events and news in English control Groong outside - the Armenian network of news.To obtain in mood for your voyage, to listen to a radio station on line with the Armenian pop music (requires the flash).

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