Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jermuk - a Piece of Paradise Found in Armenia

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, majestic waterfalls and divine nature, Jermuk is the best place for those who seek for an unforgettably active and healthy rest close to the divine nature. Situated in the southern Armenian province of Vayots Dzor, Jermuk is popular as a spa town. If you have traveled a long way, need a real rest away from the polluted air and noise of the big cities, or are passionate and curious about new methods of mineral water cure, then, no doubt, Jermuk is what you need. With the unique high quality of its mineral water Jermuk is considered town number one in Armenia with the best cure procedures and health treatment methods. Here you can taste mineral water at different temperatures and even visit famous Jermuk Group factory. While your stay in Jermuk, it is a must to take the advantage and visit cultural and historical monuments, among them being Noravank, Areni, Gndevank, Surb Khach, Tatev Monastery, Shaki waterfalls and Zorats Karer (Karahunj) in Syunik. The beautiful panorama of the town can be admired by breath-taking ropeway which will take you high up into the sky to appreciate the scenery of Armenian nature. At the last stop of the Ropeway is constructed a special area for riding sledges so that winter sports lovers can really enjoy their holidays in wonderful town of Jermuk. Sunny days, pure and fresh air, healing waters and wild climate will make your stay unforgettable with a desire to return once again.

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    1. Dear Samjay Kumar! Thank you very much your comment! Should you like to have a tour to this wonderful place called Jermuk, please let us know!

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