Saturday, November 22, 2014

Vanadzor in brief

Vanadzor is the 3rd greatest city in Armenia, located in Lori region. Although it severely suffered from the strong earthquake back in 1988, it is now a lively city and home to many artists, painters, rock bands, writers. Vanadzor once used to be famous for its extremely hazardous chemical industry, which was poisoning the environment and the air of the city. Luckily or unluckily after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the earthquake, the factory was shut, which eventually left a lot of unemployed people to breath cleaner air. The city is located in a long gorge that makes the city narrow and very long. High mountains, covered with dense woods once upon a time, surround Vanadzor. In the proximity of Vanadzor still woods are visible that create beautiful scenes. Vanadzor is currently considered a resort destination with a lot of hotels in the city and close to the city. Most of the hotels in Vanadzor are built recently, provide with decent accommodations at quite fair rates. One of such hotels is the Tej Ler Hotel and Resort close to Vanadzor. If you need to visit Vanadzor, just let team arrange transport and accommodations for you. is a leading hotel accommodation provider in Armenia, that is organizing private and group tours in Armenia, books Armenian hotels and resorts, finds apartments for rent in Yerevan and renders car rental services in Yerevan. - your friend in Armenia!  

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